What is the average income in America?

Income is the very basis of our society. It allows us to know which social class we belong to. Whether we are wealthy, poor, or in the middle, money is necessary for survival. We need it to purchase our food, water, clothes, and shelter. And over the years the average income for American households has risen at a continuous rate. As far as how much is concerned, the average income for a household in the U.S. is accepted at approximately $51,000. Some studies show it being slightly higher and some show it slightly lower. I'd say the range is roughly $49,500 - $52,500. Now that is for an entire household. The individual earning power could be much lower, as much as half of the previously stated amount. But that generally depends on age, the type of job you have, gender, and the role you play in your household. Sources like CNN believe the average person makes about $30,000 a year.

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