How do you file state and federal taxes if you did not file last year?

We are subject to file our taxes at the federal and state level by the April 15th deadline every year. Failure to file and pay causes for the IRS to impose late fees on the individual. When you fail to pay for an extended period of time, then you can be punishable by law and sent to jail. Filing and paying your taxes every year is a must if you want to live an enjoyable life free of excess fees and the IRS constantly breathing down your neck. In the case where you did not file last year, you were probably subjected to numerous fines for every month you did not pay. For you to file for the next year, you will just file your current year tax return like normal. At the same time, you can file for your taxes for the previous year as well. You would have to pay double taxes in one year which isn't recommended, but you'll be free from all of the fees the IRS imposes on you. If you fail to do that then expect your tax refund to continuously be seized by the IRS to pay off your overdue taxes.

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